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6 Ways Marketers Can Make More Impact and Feel Greater Purpose in 2020

Over the years, I’ve worked with marketing and business development professionals from a variety of industries and at different points in their career. Most of us are overachievers who work hard to raise visibility for our organization to help grow business. The work is challenging and can be overwhelming, especially when there are few additional resources on your team (or you’re flying solo). So how can you stay motivated and keep doing the right things to push your organization to the next level? Sometimes it’s a matter of shifting your mindset and setting a few goals for yourself to feel more connected to your work, your team and your organization. The new year is a great time for that reset.

1. Lean in to leadership to drive change

Start being the leader you’ve always wanted to be. That means being proactive in how you approach your work and keeping the big picture in mind in everything you do. Help your team set goals and talk about priorities for the year. Make sure that the outcomes you are being asked to deliver actually drive business goals. While you may be inundated with requests and projects, focus most of your time and energy on the ideas that are most likely to move the needle forward for your organization. Otherwise, you may spread yourself too thin. Identify the top opportunities that will require greater attention but will be worth it in the end because they will yield more meaningful results. If you’re in professional services, find ways to truly partner with your professionals and serve as an advisor to help guide their marketing activities. You will earn their trust and in turn will feel more connected and empowered to keep opening up new opportunities and efforts that build business.

2. Shine a light on the voice of the client/customer

Sometimes organizations lose track of why they’re in business in the first place. Without clients or customers, the business does not exist. You can serve as the client’s voice by picturing yourself in their shoes – what do they care about and need? How can your organization be more effective at identifying those needs and create the ultimate client experience? With the options consumers have in front of them today, they can pick and choose products and services with greater ease. Find what will add value for your clients/prospects to help your organization stand out in their eyes, and align your organization’s efforts with their needs and wants.

3. Spend more face time with your colleagues

Much of our life is spent at work with our colleagues, but do we really get to know them? Living in the digital age, we spend a lot of time in front of a screen. Building relationships is about having conversations and making a conscious effort to put people first. If someone stops by your office, give them your undivided attention for those few minutes. Put your devices away when you’re in meetings and be present. I love this short clip by Simon Sinek that resonates with this topic: How cell phones are destroying relationships. As he points out, keeping your phone out can send the wrong message and makes the people you’re talking with feel less important. Be in the moment and actively listen to find ways to help and delight others to create a more collaborative, fun and enjoyable workplace. Making more time for in-person conversations will help you come out of your shell and gain more confidence too.

4. Get more creative by going for a walk or putting away your devices

Ever wonder why you come up with some of your best ideas in the shower, when you go for a run or are lying in bed? We all need time to unplug, look around and let our mind wander to get the creative juices flowing. If you have a hard problem to solve, leave your phone and go for a walk. This is when our subconscious brain figures things out and comes up with new ideas. Here’s another clip by Simon Sinek where he shares why you should put away your phone to be more creative and more productive.

5. Connect with your community

Want to find more purpose in your every day? Get involved in a local organization you’re passionate about where you can put your skills to use, whether that’s on a board or on a committee. More than likely, your company will be very supportive of this and will even pay for your membership and/or events you attend. Personally, I have enjoyed serving on the Advisory Board for Mercy Corps NW for the last two years, an organization that helps women business owners get going and get growing. I’ve had the opportunity to work on everything from making big-picture strategic marketing recommendations to doing writing and creative projects, and volunteering at their events. Getting involved in your community is not only rewarding, it’s also a great way to meet new people and learn from them as well as mentor others. That is invaluable experience you can bring to your role in your day job.

6. Keep learning, and share it with your team

It’s important to keep expanding your perspective and honing your best practices, especially with how fast marketing is evolving. Get out of your comfort zone and your office to those breakfast, lunch or evening seminars and events where you can soak in insights from thought leaders, business executives and marketers who have been there and are eager to share their experience. You will make new connections and will pick up new ideas you can bring back to share with your team. And they will appreciate it. This ties back to building better relationships with your colleagues.

With a new decade underway, there are plenty of ways you as a marketer can reflect on your role to set goals that will help you make a greater impact for your organization and create more purpose in your everyday work while also building your career.


I partner with innovative in-house marketers and business owners as an outside resource on brand and marketing strategy, content and design projects. Looking to take your brand messaging and content to the next level? Let’s connect!

Ewelina Kajak

Founder | Brand Storyteller | Marketing Strategist

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