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7 Ways to Listen on LinkedIn and Help Your Network, Especially Now

As I work with professional services firms and we talk about ways to nurture relationships, of course LinkedIn is part of the conversation. But many professionals are still uncomfortable with this powerful tool. Why? They say it’s too self-promotional or they don’t have the time to invest in social media. If you’re in a relationship business, it’s time to embrace the digital transformation or get left behind. LinkedIn is an extension of your offline networking. It’s where you can build your brand and your tribe, and it only takes a few minutes a day.

LinkedIn isn’t just for posting your own content. Using it to LISTEN to what your network is putting out there will give you insight into how you can help. Especially now when you’re not able to get face time with your connections (and many are going through a tough time) LinkedIn is a great platform to stay in touch and in the loop. At a bare minimum, professional services providers should pay attention to their news feed and find ways to add value for others.

How to show the people in your network some love:

1. Make them shine. Like or comment on something they have posted to share their content with more people, especially since your network could benefit from seeing it. They will appreciate that you took the time to broaden the reach of their content.

2. Connect them to others in your network. Making introductions when you see synergies and potential opportunities for people to work together is huge. Opening doors for others by expanding their network has tremendous value.

3. Respond to their calls for help. Did someone in your network pose a question or a request that you can help fulfill? Are they looking for a resource or just an opinion on something? Don’t be shy to raise your hand if you have the answer.

4. Give kudos when they change companies or get promoted. If you see one of your connections started a new venture or got promoted at work, this is a reason to reach out during an important transition in their life. Congratulate them with a personal note and find time to talk about why they made the change and what it means to them.

5. Keep them informed. If you come across an article, piece of news or educational opportunity that specifically applies to one of your connections, send it to them with a note and why it made you think of them.

6. Help them land their next job. Whether you see someone is seeking work, or looking to fill a role, keep your eyes and ears open. You may be in a position to connect the dots by recommending someone you know.

7. Support the organizations that matter to you. If you’re on a board, a committee or are passionate about an organization, help spread the word about the work they do or resources they need. Make sure you’re following the organizations dear to you and amplify their message.

None of this is about promoting yourself. It’s about listening and being in tune with your network. It’s about offering something to support the people you consider to be your trusted contacts. While posting your own content has its value, listening on LinkedIn and uncovering ways to help others is a powerful way to nurture your connections.

Ewelina Kajak

Founder | Brand Storyteller | Marketing Strategist

PTOWN Communications LLC




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