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7 Organizations & Networking Calendars for Marketers in Portland

If you’re a marketer or business development professional, it’s likely you seek opportunities to sharpen your skills and meet others in the field. We have several organizations here in Portland that provide both education and the networking that we all thrive on.

Explore these groups next time you’re looking to step out of the office and connect with the community. And there are plenty of opportunities to volunteer on a board or a committee. You’ll use your skills in new ways, learn and get inspired, have fun and meet some amazing people along the way.

Here’s a list with links to their event calendars. You’ll want to bookmark this one!

1. AMA PDX (American Marketing Association)

AMA is the largest marketing association in North America, a professional community for individuals and organizations involved in the practice, teaching, and study of marketing. The Portland chapter is pretty robust and hosts a lot of great events. AMA PDX EVENTS CALENDAR


2. SMPS Oregon (Society for Marketing Professional Services)

This is a community of A/E/C industry marketing and business development professionals. If you’re a marketer in architecture, engineering or construction (or maybe you have clients in this space), this is the organization for you. SMPS Oregon EVENTS CALENDAR


3. LMA Northwest (Legal Marketing Association)

Recognized as the authority for law firm marketing. This group is for you if you are in legal or professional services marketing. LMA Northwest EVENTS CALENDAR


4. PBA (Portland Business Alliance)

PBA is not only for marketers, but their events are such a great place to learn more about what is happening in our community and to meet people from a variety of industries and businesses who are all very passionate about our town. PBA EVENTS CALENDAR


5. PBJ (Portland Business Journal)

Not an organization, but the PBJ hosts a ton of worthwhile Power Breakfast and industry events with high-profile speakers who share their stories. There is something here for everyone. You can even add your events to their calendar. PBJ EVENTS CALENDAR


6. PAF (Portland Advertising Federation)

They are the first and oldest ad club in the nation, with a mission to connect and inspire Portland’s creative, media and marketing community with educational and networking opportunities. PAF EVENTS CALENDAR


7. PRSA Oregon (Public Relations Society of America)

Created for local PR pros, PRSA Oregon is dedicated to serving all communicators at every stage of their career. They put on an annual Communicators Conference in May that is worth checking out. PRSA Oregon EVENTS CALENDAR

Ewelina Kajak

Founder | Brand Storyteller | Marketing Strategist

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