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Connecting over coffee? 5 spots in downtown Portland for your next business meet-up

With the new year well underway, many of you are using this time to reach out to colleagues and people in your network to catch up in person. It’s a perfect time to learn what others have planned for 2018 and discover opportunities to work together. This is especially important for professional services providers who rely on those relationships for referrals and new potential work.

You may already have your favorite coffee shops. But if you’re unsure where to calendar that next coffee meet-up and are looking for a place where you can have a conversation, here are my top five (not the typical) places in downtown to add to your list.

Case Study Coffee, 802 SW 10th Ave. Very large open space with industrial feel, lots of seating, big windows with tons of light coming through, friendly service and a great lively atmosphere. Amazing hazelnut latte.

Revolución Coffee House, 1432 SW 6th Ave. Small, cozy, colorful and unique café with Mexican coffee and snacks, and a warm comforting vibe.

Café Ponté, 727 SW Naito Pkwy. Across the street from the waterfront, nice and quiet, open space with an old-world Portland feel, a few tables and bar seating at their main front window with lots of light coming in, and a delicious Chai latte.

Caffè Umbria, 710 SW Madison. New Italian café with amazing rustic and modern style with a nice vibe, large open space with lots of natural light and seating, and beautiful coffees.

Public Domain Coffee, 603 SW Broadway. Modern and bright corner café, small but plenty of seating along the windows, soft music and perfect for a conversation, delicious pastries and coffee.

What are your favorites to add to this list?



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