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It’s Women’s Small Business Month – a Time to Reflect and Celebrate

We have said goodbye to summer, but October gives us a reason to celebrate -- National Women’s Small Business Month! It’s incredible to see the rapid growth in the number of businesses owned by women and their impact on our economy. Check out the 2018 State of Women-Owned Businesses report.

Almost a year ago, I embarked on this journey as an entrepreneur. This road comes with risks and challenges, but it is all worth it to do the work I love. Over the last several months, I have partnered with a diverse group of professional services firms on their marketing strategy, branding and content delivery. We have worked together on everything from establishing a brand, messaging and online presence, to writing and design of client stories, blogs/articles, web content, pitch materials and survey reports.

A big thank you to my clients, who continue to impress me every day as I learn more about their work, my colleagues and my entire network for your trust, friendship and continued support! And a shout out to the rock star women business owners out there. Keep on with your extraordinary and purposeful work, from which we all benefit.

In the spirit of elevating women, I am grateful to be involved with Mercy Corps NW on the Women’s Business Center Advisory Board. This organization has a wealth of resources for entrepreneurs at every stage of growth, and it’s inspiring to see the new business stories that emerge. We have been working on big picture marketing strategy and recommendations as well as helping to promote all that this organization has to offer. Please help spread the word about this tremendous resource for entrepreneurs. I am also proud to have developed the Women in Science PDX Career Pathways blog series. It serves as an avenue to tell the stories of local women in science, how they got there, the challenges they faced, and the advice they have for other women going into a similar field. They are inspiring the next generation of women in STEM.

Here’s to supporting women in their work, and a happy Women’s Small Business Month to all!

Ewelina Kajak

Founder | Brand Storyteller | Marketing Strategist

PTOWN Communications LLC




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