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Nuggets for business owners from Portland's Elevating Impact Summit

Portland State University's annual Elevating Impact Summit was on Friday, and the speakers were full of inspiration and good business sense. Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur or already a business owner, here are a few takeaways on creating a successful business from the great minds who spoke at the conference. As one put it, we have an opportunity to not only live in a science fiction future, but to build it.

  • Don't be married to your initial idea. Be flexible as you need to be able to pivot.

  • Have clear milestones.

  • Always understand your customer. Put yourself in the mindset of your customers.

  • Don't be blind to your competition.

  • It's important to highlight the role your team around you plays.

  • Hone in on your storytelling.

  • Think big. How do you scale?

  • If you're a social impact company, you need figure out how to stay sustainable and think long term. Your business needs to be profitable (can't focus only on the social impact part) or it won't survive.

  • On the word "impact" — take it to heart, the materials you use or the people you work with. Think about these things early. Step back and reflect on the decisions you are making.

  • What connects us is our stories. Work with each other like gardeners. Build human-centered tools.

From the program on changemakers ~



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